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"KNOWING WHEN TO MOVE".........(2 Samuel 2:1-7)

David had gone though a number of very painful experiences (which as one writer explained) "etched upon his body and soul deep lines of learning, which prepared him well for the duties as king of Israel." One of the first things David did following the death of his enemy Saul, was PRAY TO GOD FOR DIRECTION IN LIFE!

In David's prayer, we have a three-fold lesson on the will of God.....

(1)-SEEKING GOD'S WILL-(v.1)------- "shall I go up to any of the cities"?

Often we consider God's will as some beautiful, problem free place where we can be at rest; but David was in the ruins of the burned-down Ziklag. It would be a no-brainer for us to leave that mess for something better...but David wouldn't leave even a BAD SITUATION without asking God about it!!!-(Mean spouse, poor-paying job, a divided ZIKLAG church, etc.)

(2)-STUDYING GOD'S WILL-(v.1)------ "The Lord said...Go up to Hebron".

"HEBRON" was where: Abraham moved after Lot left him/ where Abraham & Sarah had their names changed & where God promised them Issac. It's where the cave of Machpelah is located where Abraham, Isaac, Sarah, Rebekkah, Jacob, & Leah are buried today! It is where Isaac and Jacob lived. Hebron is near where the spies cut down the cluster of grapes from Eshcol...it is the area that Caleb requested as an 85 year old! Hebron is on a mountain 3000 ft above sea level, and 4200 feet above the Dead Sea! It placed David in a position of Power!!!-(The will of God will do that for you!)

Notice David didn't learn the will of God ALL AT ONCE! David asked for direction and was told to go, not not told where at first-(like Abraham)! David had to ask twice about this MOVE before he got a SPECIFIC ANSWER. David had ran from Saul for 10 years, and from that we learned that GRADUAL PROMOTION IS A GOOD PRINCIPLE!!!

(3)-SUBMITTING TO GOD'S WILL-(v.2)----- "So David went UP thither"

The purpose of divine revelation is APPLICATION!!! As soon as God revealed that "Hebron" was where David needed to go, David went! You see, people want God to BLESS WITHOUT DELAY, but they do not want to OBEY WITHOUT DELAY!!!--(Jonah delayed, Moses hesitated, Peter repeatedly denied)

(4)-SHARING GOD'S WILL-(v.2-3)----- "David went up, and his two wives....his men that were with him, every man with his household."

David didn't ask his family if they wanted to go...he just took them! Such a leadership role of a man over his house doesn't go over well in this feminist society....BUT IT'S THE BIBLE!!! The way of the world is to have the career of the wife determine what a husband does...but the bible makes it clear that THE CAREER OF THE WIFE IS TO FOLLOW HER HUSBAND!!!

Notice the bible says that "David brought his wives UP...and his men went UP with him to Hebron"! The people who follow David improved their dwelling places and prosperity. They went from being fugitives from the enemy to being in high positions in David's government!

Pastor Brian Eades

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