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(Ephesians 6:1-3)

(Ps.113:9-"He maketh the barren woman to keep house, and to be a joyful mother of children. Praise ye the Lord.") .....before we can properly give honor to our mothers, we must first honor God for the gift of motherhood-(Eve).

It has been said that the GREATEST MONUMENT a child can raise in honor of their mother is that of a clean and upright life. This very week, I have sat down with mothers who are troubled about the destructive behavior of a son or a daughter. *(In 1971, the president of the central african republic celebrated MOTHERS DAY by ordering the execution of all men jailed for crimes against their mothers!)-Some here today would be in trouble if that were a law in America!

 There are several hundreds of referrences to mothers in scripture. Each have their own story of "care" or "neglect" in regards to their children.

(1)-THE PROTECTIVE MOTHER-(Jochebed-mother of Moses)-(Exo. 1-2)

She lived in extremely difficult times, and worried like many of us do! She was limited on what she could say or do for the baby Moses, but she REFUSED TO KILL HER KID as Pharoah had commanded!-(Pharoah a type of Satan!)

*If you are the mother of a growing child in todays world, you might be concerned about the impact you are having on that little boy or girl! After all, you are compeating with school teachers, peers, tv, video games, computers, the internet, drug abuse, perversions, our government....and THOSE veiws may at times seem to outweigh your own!

Mothers, while you have the opportunity, do what you can to rescue them from troubles that can affect their growth and development! Jocebed didn't have as much time with her child as you have today...but still she refused to allow the CULTURE and IDEAS for her day destroy Moses' mind!

(2)-THE PUSHY MOTHER-(mother of James & John)-(Matt.20)

This unnamed mother thought her two sons were worthy enough to sit on each side of God's throne in heaven!-(I've heard of bragging on your kids...but this is rediculous!) Jesus asked the boys if they could drink of the same cup as he did....they said yes! But later on as they are persucuted for their faith they realize that MAMA got too PUSHY earlier in life! *Often mothers and fathers push their children into things based on their own need for pride and significance!-(terrific kid stickers are humorous)

(3)-THE PATIENT MOTHER-(Eunice-mother of Timothy)-(2 Tim.1:5)

Here is the most important aspect of being an honorable mother...imparting to, and nurturing the spitiual life of your child. *Eunice's husband was Greek...she was a Jew. Eunice's father nor husband were observant of Judaism, so she felt very alone in her faith! According to (Acts 16:3), Timothy her son wasn't circumcised at birth....and apparent spiritual struggle within her marriage!

The only spiritual encouragement she had was from HER MOTHER LOIS, and God himself. But her PATIENCE PAID OFF in her son Timothy!....as a young teenager he was saved, and began at that young age preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ! If you feel like the job of being a mother is too tough, then remember Eunice! She overcame a lack of religious education AND a sorry husband; remember Jocebed/Mary the mother of Jesus/Hannah mother of Samuel/Sarah, who gave birth at age 90!

Pastor Brian Eades

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